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Coconut Oil Testimonials

Your product is fantastic. Head and shoulders above other oils I’ve tried. Tasty and smooth!

Jessie N. Columbia, MD

I just wanted to “drop you a line” to tell you how much I love your product. I originally got your brand of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it was the only large container of coconut oil the store had. Except for one other brand, which had a small jar, all the others were sold out. I’m always a skeptic when it comes to trying new brands, but out of necessity, I figured I’d give it a go. Let me just say that I will definitely be using your brand for all my future coconut oil needs. Thanks!!

Lisa K.

Everything tasted better when cooked with Kelapo Coconut Oil! Our whole family loves it! So good for the skin too. I even use a little bit on my toddlers bum when she gets diaper rash, it’s gone the next day! We’ve tried several brands and yours is easily the best. A few days ago I made grilled cheese sandwiches using Kelapo for my 7 year old and her friend, and her friend told me “You make the BEST grilled cheese I ever had!”

Stacey S.St. Claire Shores, MI
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We’ve been using Kelapo Coconut Oil for several months and really appreciate the varied uses for this product. My wife uses it as a base in her daily facial regimen and swears by the positive effects as a skin moisturizer. I, on the other hand, use it when cooking and have found it as an outstanding alternative to canned sprays, and use in several of my choice recipes. I encourage everyone concerned with healthy living to give this product a try.

Gerry C.West Palm Beach, FL

When I found out my nursing baby had an allergy to dairy and soy I would have to cut everything out of my diet. Kelapo Coconut oil was the perfect substitution for butter and vegetable oil. The health benefits were wonderful for our family on the inside and out!

Coconut oil not only is beneficial to my health as a nursing mother which adds extra Lauric acid into my milk for my baby but it’s also a wonderful source of energy! For those long all-nighters with a baby coconut oil is the perfect natural pick me up in my oatmeal.

Jacqueline E.Sarasota, FL
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